• 06 Maggio, 2019
  • londonbackpackers

Beginner’s Guide To Travelling Around Europe By Train

Europe is a huge and varied continent, and it’s well worth taking the time to explore it properly. From mountains, rivers and valleys to some of t...
  • 18 Aprile, 2019
  • londonbackpackers

Plan Your Gap Year Travel In London

A gap year can be one of the most exciting times of your life. You’ve finished your education and you’re taking a break before deciding what you...
  • 18 Marzo, 2019
  • londonbackpackers

Things To Do In London As A Group

There’s really one thing better than exploring a fantastic city like London, and that’s exploring it with a group of your friends. Whether you...
  • 25 Febbraio, 2019
  • londonbackpackers

Tips for Backpackers to Choose the Perfect Hostel

We’ve got years of experience of providing the very best cheap central London hostels. From the convenience of the location to the warmth of the w...

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